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Terms and conditions
By accessing this website or downloading its contents, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.
This website is published from Quebec. It is regulated by the laws of the Province of Quebec and shall be interpreted under their provisions. Any disputes, proceedings or claims resulting from this website or related to this website shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Quebec. All rights not assigned under these conditions are reserved.
Confidentiality policiesThe respect of your private life and security are essential to us.
We do not gather personal information on our website, other than those you agree to send us. Such information is used solely to offer you the services you request. Unless otherwise specified, no personal information, email address or other is sold, rented, exchanged or sent to anyone whomsoever with the exception of our partners.    Courmark.
We never carry out abusive bus-mailings. You may subscribe to receive information on some of our products, free of charge. You have the right to cancel your registration at any time, without having to provide an explanation.
If you have the slightest question concerning the respect of your privacy or security, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can also verify the information we have on you. Nevertheless, in order to protect your privacy, we cannot send such information by telephone or email; therefore, you must forward your request, in writing, to the following address:
Assurances VĂ©zina, Leduc & Bisaillon Inc.
61-C Saint-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard
Châteauguay (Québec) J6J 3H5
The information contained in this website is the property of the Assurances Vézina, Leduc & Bisaillon Inc. Unless otherwise specified, the RCCAQ’s copyright applies to all documents, data, compilations and other works on the site. The Assurances Vézina, Leduc & Bisaillon Inc. trade marks are also protected. The use of this site does not allow the transfer of the information it contains to another website.
Hot links
The Assurances VĂ©zina, Leduc & Bisaillon Inc website offers its users links to other sites created by other enterprises or organizations. The links are offered only for the benefit of the users. The  Assurances VĂ©zina, Leduc & Bisaillon Inc  does not in any way control or guarantee the sites to which these links refer and cannot be held responsible for the content or practices of these sites, particularly in regard to the protection of personal information and privacy. It is your responsibility to ensure that a website you choose to consult is free from potentially destructive elements such as viruses.
Security of data transmitted
Our server uses a technology that ensures the confidentiality of the information you send to the  Assurances VĂ©zina, Leduc & Bisaillon Inc. This technology enables all personal information that you communicate to the  Assurances VĂ©zina, Leduc & Bisaillon Inc  via our website to be encrypted (such as your address, telephone and fax numbers, credit card number). A padlock appears at the lower edge of your screen when you are in a protected area.
The Assurances VĂ©zina, Leduc & Bisaillon Inc  has made all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this website, but in no manner guarantees the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, lack of falsification or authenticity of this information. You are entirely responsible for the use of this site and all risks related thereto. Consequently, even though our website is provided with security measures designed to protect you, the  Assurances VĂ©zina, Leduc & Bisaillon Inc  is not responsible if viruses or other harmful elements are transmitted.
Changes and up-datesThe information contained in this website may be changed and updated at any time without advance notice. You may ask to consult, rectify or cancel the personal information held on you in this website. For any verification, comment or complaint in this regard, please contact
Data processing policy created on March 25, 2009
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